RDR:Online ArabicGuy Mod Menu

-Player Scale in Miscellaneous
-Animal Scale in Animal Spawning Options
-Removed External Connections(IP API)
-Bug fixes

Added UFO Mod(use ps4 or xbox controlller)

-Added Super Punch
-Added Loading Screen in Network Options
-Fixed Movement Changer
-Added Respawn Protection
-Added Object Manager
-Added Burn Player in Network Options
-Added Animal Status ? Alive or Dead
-Changed some detected natives to alternative
-Added more Animals
-Added Color Opacity in Menu Colors
-Fixed bugs

Added Treasure Chest in Collectable Options — You can Change Maximum of gold in file ArabicGuy.ini
Added Timecycle in Miscellaneous
Added New Locations in Teleports
Added Snow Cover in World Options
Added Weather Frozen in World Options
Added Wind Speed in World Options
Added Thunder in World Options
Added Trigger Bot in Weapon Options
Added Fully Models in Model Changer
Added Teleport to Out of Map in All Online Players
Added Loading Screen in All Online Players
Added Clear Tasks in All Online Players
Added Attachment in All Online Players
Added Font to Menu
Added Fonts Changer in Settings
Changed Marker on Selected Player
Removed Kick Player from Horse — Patched
Removed Delete Horse
Fixed Bugs

-IP Grabber
-Model Changer
-Movement Changer
-Players Control
-Name Changer
-Animal Spawner
-UFO Mod

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